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Cherry Dev. back from the dead with what promises to be one of the biggest dev. blogs you’re gonna see in a while.

Let’s start with some Tsundere Idol news! The Kickstarter was successful as you all know and we completed the translation on schedule despite some rough patches. When we got the translation integrated and all seemed approved and ready to go the truly daunting task began; the approval process to get on Steam. In a seemingly endless back and forth with the powers that be we would submit new store page details and updated builds only to get somewhat cryptic rejection notices in return. We clearly weren’t alone feeling a bit of pain. To make matters worse the great Steam purge of 2018 began and the stakes were suddenly raised. Luckily I prepared a ‘special’ Steam safe script for the game that runs if no patch is installed and is incredibly safe-for-work I think that combined with Cherry Kiss’ low profile managed to keep both Tsundere Idol and Wild Romance safe as we let the storm blow over. FINALLY the time has come! Tsundere Idol will go live in the Steam store on May 28! A hidden consequence of that back and forth I mentioned, at one point not quite sure what was needed to clear that approval hurdle, we changed the name of the game on Steam to simply Tsundere Idol. In all other stores the game will proudly bear the slightly more descriptive name Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet.  But enough about Steam…

We are also working to get Tsundere Idol to as many DRM-Free Adult stores as we can! We are about to order the FAKKU keys for the Kickstarter so we can get those to people on launch day, we are also preparing to launch on JAST the same day as Steam and FAKKU so if you’re particularly loyal to any of these stores we got you covered. We also submitted to GOG as did most devs who might have started to sweat a little after Steam started trying to pull games off the store and are waiting on word back from them. Tsundere Idol is shaping up for a pretty smooth launch day if everything goes according to plan.

Having survived the Steam purge unscathed we decided to celebrate! Wild Romance, the original non-adult version, went on sale this past week for just 98 cents, its lowest price yet!  Be sure to pick that up by May 28.  You may also notice that this makes the bundle on Steam of both original Wild Romance and Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition (with free adult patch) a very cost effective way to pick up Mofu Mofu Edition too.  That’s until Monday the 28th, for your weekend reading pleasure while you patiently wait for the Tsundere Idol release.

With the actual game development news over I still have a little bit more to say about the general goings on with Cherry Kiss so bear with me.

When we were shipping off the posters to our Kickstarter backers I mentioned in our Discord that we printed extra since we could get a better deal if we printed slightly more than we needed, and so far nobody has received a damaged poster or just not received their poster at all, so we were thinking of what we can do with the extras and today the president decided that if you live in Canada OR the United States (Sorry everyone else but shipping is expensive) and you did not back the Kickstarter at the Poster tier or you didn’t back at all but want to jump on the bandwagon and get the Kickstarter deal of 2 copies of Tsundere Idol and 1 copy of Wild Romance PLUS the postcard and concept art collection we set up a PayPal so you can send us money that way and we can ship off one of the extra posters, get an extra postcard signed, and we can email the rest of the digital rewards. For those in Mexico don’t worry I did battle with an old foe… the Amazon store back-end and after a hard fought battle we are currently waiting on approval for Cherry Kiss’ “Amazon Selling Partner Account” *woo* which means, if it gets approved, we can sell the excess posters directly through Amazon if you want to get your hands on one, you might have to act fast since there aren’t that many extras and people in the Discord have been talking about wanting posters! Just keep in mind this wont be the same ‘upgrade to the poster tier’ anything we attempt to do through Amazon will just be selling the poster.

Tl;dr: If you live in the US or Canada and backed on Kickstarter and want the poster you can send us the difference between what you backed and the poster tier and we’ll send you the extra rewards. If you live in US or Canada and DID NOT back the Kickstarter but want the poster you can PayPal us 100 CAD and we will send you everything included in the poster tier. If you just want the poster and nothing else you can hopefully get it from Amazon assuming this ‘selling partner account’ thing works out. (Sorry it seems complicated, but a business mind works in mysterious ways apparently)

While we are on the topic of shipping rewards, the postcards should be on their way soon. Our man in Japan updated me recently the type of postcard he wanted to print was going to be vertical so I had to redesign the front of the card to add space for the signature since the back of the card is reserved for mailing addresses apparently, but they should be ready to go once he- I mean Rui-chan finds time to sign everyone’s names on the cards!

PHEW! I think that should be everything for now, keep your eyes on our Twitter in the coming weeks as we’ll be hyping the Tsundere Idol launch as well as some Wild Romance news we have planned! Thanks for reading all this it’s been a pretty hectic week so I figured this would be better than sending out a thousand tweets or @everyone hundreds of times over on discord~

I hope you all enjoy Tsundere Idol, like I said I think it came out really well and should be even better than Wild Romance since I got to use all the fancy new tricks I learned after Wild Romance released from the start when building Tsundere Idol.

xoxo Cherry Dev.


Good and Bad news – Dev. Blog

We have some good news and some bad news for you today. Let’s start with the bad… As you may have noticed, all of a sudden we went quiet on the Tsundere Idol progress front. Unfortunately, we hit one of the “worst case scenarios” that we had identified for delivery of our Kickstarter project. We had a translator who had volunteered to translate the first scene of Tsundere Idol, that’s what was used for the demo that was posted with our Kickstarter. The plan was for him to complete the remaining translation but sadly he has abandoned the project. We apologize for not passing along this news earlier. We didn’t want to make such a devastating blow to the project public before we could find a solution, and find a solution we did!

This is where the good news comes in folks so don’t worry!

After the original translator confirmed his unwillingness last week to finish the project we reached out to the translator we had worked with on Wild Romance and, with help from our friends in Japan, we have arranged to have him complete the job. He’s someone we trust to deliver on time and with the top quality translation that you deserve. He’s taken this past week to ramp up and has now confirmed that he will be able to complete the full translation by the 30th of April! There will still be some editing and other tasks required after we get the final translation but we’ll be working as hard as we can to get Tsundere Idol in stores as soon as possible after that. We don’t want to set expectations we can’t meet but will announce an official launch date as soon as we’re 110% confident all is back on track.

Our Kickstarter rewards are nearly complete as well! The Concept Art Collection is being reviewed by Norn, the posters have started printing and should be in our office on Monday. The postcard design is being finalized and hopefully those will start getting mailed out from Rui’s HQ in Japan soon too.

Thanks everyone for your continued patience! More updates to come soon! In next week’s dev blog I’ll also shed some more light on our other title in production Master of the Harem Guild.


Kickstarter success! – Dev. Blog

We did it! With 350 backers and over CA $11,000 raised for Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet we have started sending out our Kickstarter reward surveys! We will be getting the Wild Romance game keys out ASAP, as well as the digital concept art collection to those who supported at those levels. We also have our first update from our translator that 3 out of the 11 h-scenes are translated, which apparently works out to 20% of the overall translation complete! We’ll try to provide a weekly update on the translation progress in these Dev. blogs so keep your eyes peeled!

Anyway in non Tsundere Idol news we are working on getting Wild Romance sold on JAST’s digital store in its full 18+ glory (that means no patch required) and a bilingual update will be coming soon. We were trying to set something up on Steam that ultimately couldn’t be done so we held off on releasing the bilingual updates, but this has been resolved and it is on its way! That should be all for this week, hopefully once we get into the full swing on Tsundere Idol I’ll have some interesting dev updates for everyone.

Until next time, this has been your pervy neighborhood Cherry Dev!


We’ve got the Thunderclap – Dev. Blog

As the Kickstarter continues to grow and grow we are looking at what else we can do to recruit more zealots to the glorious order of Rui-chan, too that end we are experimenting with the Thunderclap platform/service/thing? to spread the word of Rui far and wide!

If, like me, you have never heard of Thunderclap then listen up!

Basically we’re going to get Tsundere Idol trending on social media by ALL OF US tweeting/posting SIMULTANEOUSLY! Using Thunderclap we’ll all have a scheduled post set to happen at the same time. When Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr see all of this activity all of a sudden the social universe will light up with Rui-chan. People far and wide who we might not otherwise be able to connect with will be drawn to our Kickstarter campaign site.

It’s free and there’s no need to create a new account. If you’ve got a Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account that’s all you need.

Please help us by clicking here and following the very easy steps to join our Thunderclap.


The Thunderclap will happen February 23rd at exactly 12 noon EST. Together let’s make it loud!!


Inspiration strikes dos veces! – Dev. Blog

Welcome to what could be the most development heavy edition of the Cherry Kiss Dev. Blog! As the Kickstarter continues to gain backers I’ve been finding things I can add or tweak in our games to try to entice more of you to play them, this week I looked into one of our community member’s projects Divine Conception (which you can check out here) and lo they have facial animations on their characters as well as some other neat tricks that were pushing the engine farther than I initially thought possible and of course I was inspired to… “appropriate” some of these features into Wild Romance and Tsundere Idol.

I went about chopping up Rui-chan’s beautiful face to isolate all her expressions so I could build them into live composites that give her the power to blink! (and move her mouth, how lewd.) Hopefully this makes the game more interesting now that the sprite moves in a more meaningful way than bouncing around the screen when she is rendered. This process should also reduce the overall file size since now there doesn’t have to be a dedicated sprite for every emotion for every outfit that Rui wears during the game.

Of course, I couldn’t stop at just Rui! Before repeating this process with Nazuna, Sumire, Aoi and Tsubaki I was shown a nifty little program that I could use to increase the dimensions of sprites with minimal loss to quality which then got me thinking I could upscale the sprites and then remove even more redundant images in the game folder by making a zoom animation that allows close-ups of “certain areas” of the character sprites, which again looks better than just cross-fading to an already zoomed in facial expression or… breast… shot? Then to go even further beyond, I’ve been toying with more animations to have multiple sprites on screen and moving them on and off the screen and dealing with the zooms and zoom outs to make, in my humble opinion, a more sophisticated update to both games!

And If you’ve been following our Twitter we are on the way to releasing Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition in Spanish! I’m hoping to finish these animation implementations, go through a Spelling and Grammar pass that I received from a member of the community, as well as get the Spanish language fully integrated for a big 1.2.0 release sometime in February. (Steam users don’t fret! You do not need to reinstall a new patch!)

That about wraps this week up! expect some kind of progress report next time on how far along the animations are going, until then this has been Cherry Dev hoping y’all have a good weekend~


Shaken and Disturbed – Dev. Blog

Another productive week in 2018 for Cherry Kiss, the first half consisted of listening to the H-scene sound effects from Wild Romance play on loop at 25% speed. A truly traumatizing experience. BUT! It led to the fixing of the Android bug that has been plaguing the Amazon mobile release and I’m happy to say I got the sound problem fixed without having to lose the sound effects that are currently in the game! I’m hoping this means that the Android version is now bug-free.

The only problem is how difficult the game seems to be to find on Amazon’s Appstore. When we re-launched the Android version last month we were initially flagged as “Adult Content”. We thought we got that resolved and Amazon tells us the game is “live” and some of you have found it which is great! For some reason though it doesn’t seem to be showing up in Amazon searches and some people have had difficulty purchasing. We’re working on it! In any case we hope to have another .APK store online in the near future so Android users will have more than one place to buy.

In the meantime our next project is moving forward quickly. We’ve are waiting for final approval on one last backer tier for the Tsundere Idol Kickstarter! It should be live by the time I write my next Dev. Blog and details will be posted on our website and on Twitter @cherrykissagames as soon it launches. Thank you in advance for your support!


A new year begins – Dev. Blog

It started as a dream. A trip to Japan in June and introductions over several cups of sake convinced us it was possible. Getting signatures to an agreement was a challenge well worth the effort. Since then the year has practically flown by. We delivered a complete version of Wild Romance that has been released on PC and Android and we’re pleased with how sales are progressing. Our Twitter following has grown to over 100 members and visits to our website are also steadily increasing. We just launched a Discord for everyone to come and chat. What a year! We at Cherry Kiss want to say thank you for helping us get this far. We’ll continue doing our best in 2018!

We hinted at it before but now finally we can tell you what our next project will be…

We are launching a Kickstarter to fund the translation of Tsundere Idol: My personal M-Pet!


We want to get the Kickstarter up ASAP but we have to get final approval for any tiers we want to include. We want to include some cool digital goodies for anyone especially generous and those final details are still being ironed out. Look forward to more information next week!


I make games not movies – Dev. Blog

We’re back with some hot new Dev. Blog action this week people!

Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is going back online on the Amazon AppStore again today! As mentioned earlier we agreed to a one month exclusive period for the “no patch required” version with another sales partner and that is now over.  During the time we were waiting I’ve managed to fix some of the bugs people were having before.  So it’s a *new and improved* mobile version coming with various fixes and tweaks as well as the Gallery feature that is now available on the PC release.  If you’ve got an Android phone or tablet please check it out!

I’ve seen several questions in the Steam forums about when trading cards are coming out and unfortunately that is out of our control… as I’ve said in some of the forum threads the game needs to reach some undisclosed “activity level” first.  So we think we either need to sell more units (hey, go buy Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition already if you haven’t #ad).  Or maybe the activity level could mean something very corporate like user engagement so if you do have Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition go leave a review, maybe once Steam can generate a review score that shows Valve that real people (not bots) are playing the game and commenting and reviewing it then that magic level will trigger.  Anyway, that’s all for my tin-foil hat theories.

We’ve also been trying to cut some promo videos together for what *might* be our next game.   Our team has grown and I have been banned from video editing from this day forth, luckily we have an awesome new guy on the case to bring you all some juicy teaser trailers.  More information on that coming soon!

Enjoy your holidays with your favorite fluffy girls this year. You’ll hear from us again next once we have your Christmas present ready!


Cherry Kiss needs YOU – Dev. Blog

People of the Internet heed our call! Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is starting to wind down and we are looking forward to our next project, but before we do we want to hear from the people!

So let us know what are your top Norn/Miel games! I’ll be monitoring Twitter and our website trying to log all your suggestions and we’ll have an announcement in the future of which game we are going to work on next.

While this is going on we have the newest Wild Romance update rolling out with Galleries, Steam achievements, and 4:3 CG scenes and with that we also had to update the Patch for the Steam version since we are adding new images to the game in the form of Gallery thumbnails that are NSFW so we can’t hide those in the Steam update, for the Nutaku players don’t fret the complete updated package will be launching there as well. You can expect these updates early next week!

As always you can download the patch on this page and…



This has been a public lewdness announcement from your friends at Cherry Kiss, have a wild weekend~


What’s next? – Dev. Blog

The game is now live on Steam! Please remember Steam downloaders you will need to install the free patch file to enjoy all of the un-cut adult scenes.

We’re also excited to announce that starting today a full 18+ version that does not require a patch is now available on Nutaku.net. Nutaku is a leading online store for adult visual novels and we encourage everyone to go take a look. Our agreement with Nutaku gives them one month exclusive for sites other than Steam so please be patient for other platforms and online stores.

Now that Wild Romance has launched on Steam and Nutaku we have been asked:

“What’s next for Cherry Kiss?”

For now, I have been reading through our Twitter and the Steam forums and working to address some of the desired features ya’ll have requested. One of the big ones that I’m happy to say should be out soon is adding a Gallery. Just today we have begun testing a new build that includes 4:3 original unedited CG images and implementing a Gallery that is accessible from the Main Menu.

With Wild Romance going strong we hope to continue bringing out English versions of other Norn/Miel titles since *none* of them have made it outside of Japan yet. We hope that Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition will blaze the trail for more of their titles to follow!