For The Most Degen Activities (Additional -15% OFF in Bundle)

Need that extra bit of taboo in your booty clapping?

This NTR bundle will give that extra oomph you’ve been craving. All sorts of risqué risky business to get busy to. You aren’t the only one who’s gonna love it either, get these MILFs addicted to the dick and see them beg for more in these salacious steamy stories.

It feels good to be bad, so indulge in the darker side with this VN pack that celebrates the sin of fucking someone else’s wife~


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8 Titles All Discounted + Additional Discounts On BUNDLES!

It’s a fucking fantasy! Every fantasy you’ve ever wanted to fulfill in or out of the bedroom, indulge in your darkest desires and liberating lustful experiences!~

Fair skinned maidens and triple D deviants in abundance! These forgotten lands have been bare of a decent dick for years, it’s time to change that… Enjoy all these foreign lands have to offer including, kinky outfits and even kinkier kinks~

Enjoy these foreign lands with all the fondle freedom you can muster.

Purchase all 8 great titles & get you an additional 12% OFF!


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5% 10% & 15% Monstrous Harem Bundles are LIVE!

Monster Girls, Monstrous Titties, Monster Sized Harem, these bundles have everything you need!

Kemononomimis, Monster Girls, Demon Slayers and Priestesses oh my~ They all got one thing in common, deep down they’re deviants for the dick.

Each game in these bundles has a massive cast of horny hotties holding out for a hero. So grab your long sword, dick down those demons and awaken those inner sluts to serve as your new sex toys.

Grab a bundle and you’ll get the best deal on our new BIGGEST title yet HAREM KING! A massive cast with 10+ girls alone. Now that’s a good BANG for your buck.


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20% Off Launch Week On Our Biggest Pussy Packed Title EVER!


Lord over one of the biggest casts we have ever produced in a single title with 10+ new divine bodied goddesses. With over 4,800 pages you’ll be busy busting on busty babes for months to come…

With 40+ sex scenes jam packed into this Cherry Kiss title, you’re bound to enjoy your wild ride as Harem King.

This ones BIG boys, trust me, you won’t want to miss it~


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Deep discounts on a deep dick down experience!? Is there anything sweeter?



Take advantage of a huge horny harem, get high on hot bikinis, booba and have hedonistic good times at the beach!

We are doing this for YOU! The fans who’ve been peeping this hot title but haven’t dived into that back end yet~


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Get An Additional 15% This Tight Phat ASSED Bundle Collection!

Summer is ending on a HOT note! Don’t slow down just yet~

We are heating up here at CK headquarters with a tight collection of big bootied babes, and the fiction stimulating the friction will keep you steamy! These dreamy double D’d divas were hand picked from the most desired deviant tails of the year!

See what everyones been railin- raving about with the new hit Succubus Sexland and true CK classics like HOT & STEAMY Knights!


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It’s NICE Getting NAUGHTY With the NORN Girls (-20%)

An Additional 20% OFF The Naughtiest Nice Girls You’ll Ever Meet!

It’s like getting your very own fuckable Disney Princess collection.

These pristine playful beauties end up becoming some of the nicest naughty girls you’ll ever have the pleasure of being in…

Loving, caring and attentive are the best ways to describe these girls and when it comes to ensuring you have eyes for only them they do whatever their master says… If you’re looking for all sorts of fuckable fantasy flirts then find yourself in the acclaimed world of Norn and get your mind and body fully blown!

Better than the rest these are the BEST GIRLS!


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A Snatch Made in Heaven (Need we say more?) 20% OFF ON LAUNCH

Your one and only has arrived! If you don’t so, she’s gonna change that through sheer force of fuck…

She’s overprotective, she’s kinky and she’s only got eyes for what you’re packing honey. Give that sweet obsessed Yandere a little taste and I’m sure she will give all of her heavenly bod’.

Don’t miss your shot of love and lust with this lewd goddess who knows how to treat a man to all the bodily pleasures, a god tier titties and a truly blessed booty built with the right cushion in mind. 😏

Is it true love? To be determined, but this determined sex pot is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you’re her domination daddy.

Yours to truly OWN today!


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Double Waifu+ (This Weekend Only A 40% OFF BUNDLE)

NO YOU ARE NOT SEEING DOUBLE! You all seemed to love the waifu sale(truly what’s not to like?).

Double WAIFU PLUS! That means each title adds at least 2 new waifus to your roster of beautiful new toys.

A plethora of pussy to play with one might say, from gyaru to princess we have it all. These girls have patiently waited for a master like you to come treat ‘em right, and if you do, a solid obedient waifu is what you’ll get in return.

Don’t miss your chance this weekend as this special deal won’t be around for long~


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